• Education Options for your Child Discussed by Helene Goldnadel

    There are a lot of options out there for your child’s education, so you will have to sort through what is available to you, both in your budget and where you live. Private, Public, and Charter schools are all systems to look at to prepare your child for the future.


    There is always public education. These are governmental systems with standards in teaching. These teachers are technically government workers. They systems are paid for through your city’s tax base. Choosing this form will cost you no money out of pocket, save some expenses for extra curricular activities such as art clubs or sports. The public school system includes pre-kindergarten through high school and beyond. There are also public colleges and universities. Growing up with this system educates adults on their path to successful careers without the expense that goes along with the private system.


    But private education can improve your child in ways the public system can’t. If your child is gifted or has special needs, seeing out a private school for your child can increase their body of knowledge and give them a head start before attending college. Languages are often taught in advance of what public school provides. There are smaller class sizes that allow for more personal attention. There are sometimes longer school days, well funded projects for sciences and the arts, a larger budget for international exchange. You can even choose a religious focus school. They can separate boys and girls. Tuition ranges widely, and can exceed the expense of many colleges. Like colleges, some are away from home. Figure out your budget and see what options are out there for your child.


    Between public and private, there are also charter schools. Sometimes this is a federally funded school that aims to exceed the standard of your average public school that focuses on improved college preparation. Other schools have a more focused education in a specific subject such as the arts, science and math. If your child finds a focus early in life, this could be the best track to put them on. Charter schools, instead of having a cost associated, they have lotteries or they are talent-based. See what charter school opportunities are in your area for a unique experience for your child.


    For the most personalized attention, home schooling is an option. You can choose to educate your child yourself or bring in a private instructor for your child or children. This system is very non-traditional but it will allow for home to be a place of constant learning. You can choose to educate your child with several instructors in the arts or sports included.


    Now that you know your options, discuss them with your partner and perhaps even your child to see where their interests lie. You’ll be sure to make an educated decision about how to what system of education is best when you explore the options and your financial capabilities.


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